New Year and New Moon too!


What were my reasons last year for not writing every day?

#1. I tell myself I am uninspired. I don’t have anything to say. Nothing I have to say has not been said before by someone else.

#2. I am too tired. I am too busy. Other things are more important.

Why didn’t I write today, until now?

See #1 and #2.

Mostly I worked on the computer on a new home based business I am trying to get off the ground and the more I worked the less inspired I felt to be creative. Such are the ways of left brained activities.

So, now before I lay my head down I will force a word on the page. I will do my due diligence. I will submit to this craft. I may not do it any justice but unlike last year I will commit my hand to the keys.

Better late than never as they say. Better a word than none.

Until tomorrow sweet 2014!

I am grateful for this chore.



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