Lasers Could Create Clouds, and Perhaps Rain, on Demand

Lasers Could Create Clouds, and Perhaps Rain, on Demand

“But rather than seeding the air with crystals delivered by airplanes or artillery rockets, the Swiss, German and French researchers used a laser which could generate 220-millijoule pulses within 60 femtoseconds, where one femtosecond is one millionth of one billionth of a second.”

Could this be better than pumping and spraying aluminum and barium into our atmosphere? Or as mad scientist David Keith says dumping Sulfuric Acid into our atmosphere??? Maybe. But what are the consequences to human/plant and animal life with all these lasers and microwave/radio frequencies with things like HAARP etc.?


re: Dementia Cure?

Dr. Mary Newport helped this man with his dementia. He is not depressed any more, which is one of the symptoms of dementia and he now has his mind/memory back. 2 Tbsp of coconut oil a day!

So, This Is The Holy Land?

So, This Is The Holy Land?

This is my personal daily journal of my journey to Palestine in 2012 while on a Ministry of Presence Mission.


Blue Jean Diet

I wrote this book back in 2002 and I put it on and let it sit there. I didn’t think it was “good enough” to self publish. It is short and sweet. Only 38 pages long. I could add some photos and more information but I just decided, to go ahead and publish it myself…now!

After some of the ridiculous and poor stuff that I have seen on Amazon that get’s sold………

If they can do it! I can do it!


It is not writers block

I have been writing all day long.

I wrote a story about my Great grandfather Fred Jennewein and I finally got my e-book published on Amazon. So it was a good day. A very productive day!

I am tired. I am satisfied. 🙂

What an Epiphany!

What comes up for you when you hear that word? Epiphany! What does it mean? When I hear that word it usually refers to those “ah ha” moments in our lives. As in “what an epiphany to realize she was just like my mother.” Or something like that.

But did you realize that tomorrow, January 06th 2014 is the first day of the season of Epiphany in the church calendar? January 06th is also the anniversary of both my aunt Sylvia and my grandfather Leonard’s death. Yes, several years back Sylvia waited to die until after Christmas, and the first day of epiphany and the day her beloved father died. January 06th is a very special day each year for me as I remember them both very fondly as being the most unconditionally loving souls in my life.

Today I had 8 women join me in my home, which is still decorated so lovely with all of my Christmas ornaments, trees, wreaths, Santa’s, and the Christmas village all lit up with colorful blinking lights. Today is the last day of Christmas. Most people have torn down the tree and packed up the lights by now but in my families tradition we celebrate Christmas Tide, or the 12 days of Christmas which end today.

Tomorrow is the symbolic day of the day that the wise men who followed the star, traveled so far to find the baby “laying in a manger”. The truth of the matter is that all of our nativity scenes get it wrong. The joke is on us. There were no Magi at the stable in Bethlehem bearing gifts for the baby Jesus at his birth. Historically speaking they probably did not arrive at a manger at all because Jesus would have been about 2 years old by the time they finally found Jesus.

One of the women in our group is from Italy and she told us that tonight, the night before Epiphany, is also known as a twelfth night. This is the night when the good witch known as Befana, arrives on her broomstick and brings sweets, chocolates, fresh fruit and treats to the children who have been good and coal to those who have not. Usually the children leave socks out so the Befana will fill them with the gifts. So most people in Italy are celebrating their Christmas tonight, not on December 25th like we do here in America. Interestingly enough Befana is derived from the word  epifania, or the Italian name for the festival of Epiphany.

People all over the world are celebrating with good food and gifts tonight on the eve of the Feast of the Epiphany. My friends in the land of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine I am sure are all celebrating with each other today, with the tall tree all lit up in Manger square near the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

During these 8 weeks of Epiphany, Pastors will preach about Jesus’ childhood, and his ministry leading up to Ash Wednesday and then on into the Season of Lent. I love the word Epiphany. I love having those “ah ha” moments. As I begin this New Year, I do hope as I do my soul searching, that I might have many “ah ha” moments during this Epiphany season. May we all be gently guided by a star or an angel voice on our long journey to find our right place.

“O star of wonder, star of night, Star with royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding, Guide us to thy perfect light!”




This present moment, in other words, is made of a whole lot of pasts.”

“And you can’t dismiss this “over-lapping pasts making the present” thing as some kind of astronomy weirdness. Nope, it’s the fabric of everything you experience. When you look at a mountain peak 30 kilometers away you see it not as it exists now but as it existed a 1/10,000 of a second ago. The light fixture three meters above your head is seen not as it exists now but as it was a hundred millionth of a second ago. Gazing into your child’s eyes you see her not for who they are now but for who they were a 10-billionth of a second in the past.” ~ Adam Frank

I read this morning that I should not share my words, my writings because it might keep me from writing if I think that others might judge me. So true. I do not write to be judged. Who do I write for then? Is it for my audience or for myself? I have to be honest, right now it is because I have a desire, a compelling urge, I feel inspired to write. So I guess that means I am writing for myself. Why do I live? Do I live for you? Do I live for other? I suppose in part I do because without you, without my mom and kids and companions, even those little four legged friends, my life would not be worth living. On the other hand I get up every morning because I want to live. I love this crazy beautiful world God created. Therefore if I write for myself and I live for myself why do I worry about the judgement of others? Why do I care whether they love my creative expression or not? I know I am not alone in this. But I still find my self awareness creeping in, watching over my shoulder, my ego trying to butt into this conversation.

I have read that the only way to live in the present is when we realize how much time we spend thinking about yesterday and tomorrow and pull ourselves back into the present moment. When we feel fear, we are probably spending too much time worrying about tomorrow and when we are angry we are probably thinking about something in the past. A boyfriend once told me that I couldn’t move forward in my life as long as I was spending time looking at the past. Perhaps he was right. However at the time I felt so confused about how we, how I, had gotten to that painful moment of choosing to go our separate ways. Although I was the one who initiated the conversation about whether or not this relationship was meeting both of our needs, I did not expect the abrasive “I have nothing more to give” response from him. Like a love struck school girl I thought we would be together for a long time. I thought we had more going for us than those unfulfilled 8 months in 2010. And I couldn’t help but reminisce about how we met, what brought us together, how we connected on so many things intellectually, emotionally, physically and all the love stories that I had told my friends about the miracle it was meeting him in the Holy Land etc.

I feel like I have bungled through this classroom called life. I laugh at myself now thinking about how I have bungled most things. From relationships to careers. I have not failed per say, but I am a good bungler. And yes I am hardest on myself as most of us typically are. Perhaps that is why I reflect on the past. If I just keep forging ahead to survive, if I just continue to bungle ahead grasping for the next hold in the rock on my climb to….. I have no idea where, again and again, will I have different results?

As David Burns said “How did I get here?” Burning down the house.